16 Aug
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Losing weight is no less than doing math. For one to lose one pound in a week, he/she has to burn 3,500 calories in seven days. This rounds off to burning 500 calories a day. It is not possible to burn so many calories with diet alone, especially for a person who is bound to a chair at office and loves to eat.

The best approach is to combine exercise with a diet plan. If burning 500 calories a day is the plan, cut out 250 from diet and 250 through cardio. A recommended intake of calories per day is 1,200-1,500 in order to maintain a balance between the required amount of nutrients and the desired shape of the body. Below is an ideal and recommended weight loss guide for all diet conscious people out there.

8 Grams of Fiber at Breakfast

Morning is the time when your body requires the highest amount of calories, including food rich in minerals and fiber. 8 grams of fiber in the breakfast keeps your stomach satisfied and curbs the temptation to consume high calorie food.

Consume More Nuts

Nuts contain omega fats and essential vitamins that speed up metabolism and increase your stamina. Although trainers, during your workout would suggest consumption of proteins and fruit shakes, nut-milk fulfils your energy requirement during intense workout while keeping a check on your calorie intake.

Avoid Skipping Workouts

By the end of a stressful work day, people tend to find excuses to avoid gym or heading to the park for a run. Being committed to the program you are following is important and not optional. Exercise releases stress and makes you happier. For better performance buy a workout gear to help you perform better. The extensive range of workout products by Waist Shaperz significantly enhance your experience, keeping you motivated and excited about your workout. 

Intense Cardio:

Cardio enhances the metabolism of the body. 30-45 minutes of regular cardio sessions 4 times a week can cut an additional 200 post workout calories. It helps in releasing stress hormones, increasing blood circulation and enhancing immune system. Running and cycling is also good for cardio training. So if you are not a gym fam, buy a nice pair of headset from our gym tech collection and head to the park.

Drink water:

Hydration is always underestimated. Water has as much potential to boost your metabolism as any other liquid. Regular consumption, the standard 8 glasses of water a day aids weight loss. However, there is an appropriate way of drinking water. It is highly unhealthy to drink water during meals for it increases bloating and prevents healthy digestion. It is recommended to drink water half an hour before taking a meal or half an hour after taking a meal. Moreover, drinking water after taking a shower calms the body, relaxing the nerves. Other than that, drinking it before sleeping and first thing in the morning helps increase metabolism and keep your body well hydrated.


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