Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Exposed
29 Aug

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Exposed

Are you looking forward to slim down but are often annoyed by different weight loss rumors rotating in the air? Do you often believe them and stick to a habit only to find that you’re heading in a wrong direction?

Well, you’re reading the right piece of content as this article takes you through top five weight loss myths that do nothing more than misguiding you on your journey of reducing weight:

An intensive fitness regime is the only key to cut down weight

Totally wrong! Perhaps, making small changes to your daily routine which you can follow for a good time period is something that results in fruitful weight loss. That suggests you need to engage yourself in physical activities.

While adults can involve in 150 minutes of intensive cycling or brisk walking every week, overweight need to do much more than this. Please note that obese people need to lose more calories than they intake. So, eat less and move more to tighten your belt!

Carbohydrates increase your weight

If you consume carbohydrates in a right quantity & as a part of your balanced diet, carbs will never result in weight gain own their own. However, please note that you need to exclude creamy sauces, butter etc. from your carbs diet.

Rather, fall to wholemeal carbohydrates and whole grains like wholemeal bread, brown rice and potatoes with skins on to enhance your consumption of fibre. Also, please remember not to fry starchy snacks when on a fitness regime.

Starving myself will make me lose weight

If you think crash diets work to reduce weight, you are highly mistaken. Actually it’s highly unlikely that you would stick to a crash diet for long. And, many a times it only results in long-term weigh gain.

Moreover, you might also be neglecting essential nutrients since crash diets are mostly limited in a number of foods consumed. As your body will have low energy, you might crave for high-sugar foods and high-fat. Hence, you’ll eat those foods and consume more calories that you don’t need; resulting in weight gain.

All kinds of slimming pills help you reduce weight

The truth is, not every slimming tablet is effective/safe in skinning you down. Perhaps, there is a good assortment of prescribed drugs recommended from your GP for successful weight reduction.

However, there are a lot of other unlicensed and un-prescribed weight loss pills present on the market that might include ingredients harmful for your health.

So, if you’re looking to fall off, visit your GP or consult any other healthcare expert.

Drinking water makes you lose weight

The biggest myth in weight loss industry is that water helps you cut down on weight. While it keeps you adequately hydrated, it also helps you binge less. Needless to mention, water is important for maintaining good heath & wellbeing.

At times, you can mistake thirst for hunger—as a result you tend to snack more. So, make drinking water a habit so that you stay full most of the times and eat less!

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