11 Jul
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The excitement of the new baby coming can keep moms super occupied. With the anticipation of making new memories, there is also, the concern to pull back into the pre-pregnancy routine. Getting back to shape is always top of the priority list.

It is suggested that women tend to retain an average of 2.5 and 5 pounds after having their baby. The weight gained after pregnancy can cause problems in the long run. It can lead to chronic conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. It can severely affect later pregnancies in the form of hypertension and anxiety. It is, therefore, essential to get rid of pregnancy weight.

Losing baby fat is not very complicated. It might take you time to figure out your new routine, with all the new baby tasks at hand. But all you need is a number of effective weight loss tricks. Perseverance is bound to pay off.

Waist Training

Waist training calls for a tightening of your mid section by wrapping it with a corset or a band. This allows the waist to naturally get back in shape. Even though the process is slow it is very safe and healthy for the moms. The area to be tightened is from the ribs to the lower waist.

Many post natal fitness programs recommend waist training to new and veteran moms alike. It helps the body slim down to its regular shape and contrary to popular concerns doesn’t cause any discomfort. Celebrity moms are known to use waist training to get back into shape.

Other Tips

Combining waist training with a number of healthy habits like walking and stretching can get you back to your normal shape in no time.


With all the additional baby work on your hands, walking is a great way to keep fit. It can help you and your baby revitalize and a change in atmosphere can be very fitting in your new routine. Walking will allow you to burn calories without over exerting yourself and will help tone your muscles.


Tenderness comes naturally when you hold your newborn. Be sensitive to your own body as well. With your body stuck in a singular routine for months now, you need to swiftly progress to the next stage. Stretching is very useful in getting rid of tight or sore muscles and will help you get more active in your daily routine.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Stress incontinence is a lack of control of urine from the bladder. The bladder, uterus and bowels are sustained and held up by the pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy causes these to stretch and lead to stress incontinence. To retain control of urine flow, pelvic floor exercises can prove very useful. Pelvic exercises are beneficial even while you are still pregnant. It aids the pelvic floor muscles to push the baby out.

While exercising, it is important to identify your pelvic floor muscles and maintain a relaxing position preferably with bent knees and flat feet. Doing these exercises regularly will give you the best results.



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