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Research says that the year 1985 saw an average woman wearing a size 8 in US whereas the present-day woman slips into size 14. Indeed, a hard-to-ignore split between standard and plus-size clothing. Surprising it may sound though but the country alone counts for about $17.5 billion market share for plus-size fashion!!

Having said that, it’s quite unfortunate; that plus-size sections are mostly small slots covered at the back of outlets with limited styles and unfashionable trends. Besides, they rarely find a place in advertisements and store windows.

Amidst all those luxury fashion brands that are allergic to plus-size clothing, WaistShaperz caters to almost all sizes of apparel. Celebrated for its widest range of sizes that runs across all kinds of clothing like shapewear, waist trainers, waist cinchers, swimwear and dresses, the brand is certainly one-stop shop for all your plus size clothing needs.

Let’s quickly see what WaistShaperz has in store for you and how it allows you to be yourself at gym or next cocktail party.


Whether it is butt shapers or full body shapers or shaping leggings, this online fashion website has become the ultimate destination of women looking for plus sizes in shapewear.

From Mia Booty Lifter Boyshort, High Waist Butt Lifter to V-Neck Short Sleeve Body Shapers with Zipper and so on, all can be grabbed in whatever size you want.

Get shaping leggings in sizes from small to extra large and turn your treadmill run into stylish ramp walk with chic and trendy athletic leggings from the store.

Waist Trainers

Ideal for the gym, exercising, running and walking, the waist trainers from WaistShaperz will skin down and tone your stomach. Irrespective of what body frame you have or what weight category you fall into, these waist cinchers are up for grabs in all sizes.

Revered for their matchless comfort, these waist trainers can be worn while working out as well as performing daily activities. The compression created in the core boosts thermal action resulting in massive waist training.

9 Steel Boned Pink Latex Waist Cincher, Semi Vest Pink Latex Waist Trainer and Purple Floral Elastic Lace Steel Boned Corset are some of the waist cinchers you can fit out without worrying about your size.


Want to find a new, glamorous you but don’t find swimwear that matches both your taste and size needs? Well, WaistShapers can be an all-in-one solution for all your swimming needs.

With swimsuits like Penelope bikini, Alice two-piece, Camilla one-piece suit to Katherine beach costume and more, available in all sizes, you can have an absolute bash at the pool next time.


Not only does every woman want to look beautiful but also feel BEAUTIFUL inside out. The dresses section is made keeping in mind the taste of modern woman who is not only stylish but also want to feel confident in whatever she puts on.

From see-through long sleeved Red & Black Jasmine Dress, sleeveless Jessica Dress to semi-net covered Annabelle Dress, the waistshaper dresses from this fashion house will make you steal the show while also covering the waist bulge at the same time.

Available in all sizes from small to extra large, these sexy dresses are a must-have in your style closet regardless of your structure or built.

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